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The crew! Plus: Title announced & more 3Dness

Dev Update 08-Feb-2017 Hello! Time runs by fast! In the past few weeks however I did several things: Finally the game has a title! I also finished the player characters (first iteration) and I added camera rotation control for more… Continue Reading →

New playercharacters, also: Rendering!

Dev Update 26-Jan-2017 Hello there! I just finished the third player character! Phew! This is an in-engine, realtime screenshot: Pretty amazing result considering when I think six, seven years ago at the university, we had to wait minutes for rendering… Continue Reading →

It’s alive!

Dev Update 03-Jan-2017 Long time no see! I started working on the player characters. After setting up a solid technical pipeline I did some modeling and rigging and successfully imported the first character into Unity: Cpt. Runar “Rune” Sigmundsson From… Continue Reading →

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