An Aliens-like 80s SciFi TopDownShooter

4 Player Couch/Online/Mixed Co-op

Title: Biosignature – escape from ice moon

Theme: 80s Retro-SciFi, I’m looking for something that looks, feels and sounds like Aliens (J. Cameron).
Oh, that film! <3



  • 3D Top down view
  • Mouse/KB and/or Gamepads
  • Shooter with ammo and reload mechanic
  • Coop, with up to 4 Players on the couch, online, and also mixed if you like
  • 4 Characters with differing basic stats (you can still finish the game alone – looking at you, alien swarm tech!)
  • A set of weapons, not too much though. We don’t care about “a bazillon gunz”.
  • There will be a story.
  • You start in a hub section. When the story progresses, new areas(levels) unlock.
  • Varying set of mission objectives (story driven)
  • Probably semi/full procedural levels, if that won’t harm the experience/us/you/neighbors/pets
  • No permadeath (at least not mandatory)

Technical basis: Unity 3D