Dev Update 4-Aug-2016:

So I’m working on this game for about 3-4 months now.
I am very focused on tech, so I worked a lot on all the technical base to make sure everything is hooked for further development.

Implemented Features:

  • UNet based networking in place, with matchmaking (Make new matches with or without password, join matches).
  • Some test levels and a lobby scene which will be the hub later on, where you can select your character and gear up.
  • More local players can join there by hitting a button on their controller.
  • Camera keeps track of all the active local players, but you have to stay together (it zooms out to a certain distance though). Theres no splitscreen because thats more drawbacks than benefit. You need to render everything multiple times which is bad for performance, and you can also forget about 3D audio, which is bad for atmospheric experiences.
  • Shooting, ammo and reloading is in place.
  • Basic HUD is in place, but it will probably change over the course of development
  • Basic enemies (melee/range combat) are hunting the player
  • Generic environment interaction system. One player may interact at a time and can select actions from a list.
    Theres things like keycards(pick up), doors(unlock/open/close/weld), terminals(retrieve data)
  • Shop where you can buy weapons with credits
  • All progress and stuff like the current inventory is written to disk. I took care of that because if the games host loses connection or his machine crashes, we really don’t want to start all over again! Every player will have the last games state and can restart from there, also as the new host!
  • Theres already a system that cares about level progression based on if a levels mission objectives are fullfilled