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Video footage and implementing gameplay distribution

Dev Update 27-Feb-2017 So since I’m back on coding again, I started to design and redesign how gameplay is distributed within the generation process as well as live. I also set and reached a milestone last friday, which was having… Continue Reading →

Switch to semi-linear game flow

Dev Update 22-Nov-2016 While I was poking around the games story I figured that I need to change the games current progression system to fit new requirements. What I had was one lobby/hub level where players could join the game… Continue Reading →

The Minimap

Dev Update 24-Oct-2016 I’m back from a trip to Greece and now it’s time to get things rolling again. The Minimap: It sounds so unimportant and tiny, but it is literally a gamechanger! In a first person perspective game, you… Continue Reading →

Equipment system, also: Aliens in the air duct

Dev Update 06-Oct-2016 Hello! In the past few weeks I have put a lot of work in existing systems as well as new ones. Overhauling the Equipment System: Before last week, you could carry one weapon and swap/buy new ones… Continue Reading →

Gameplay elements and level flow

Dev Update 23-Sept-2016 Hi guys! The geometry generation is stable now and I started working on adding actual gameplay to the generation process. Adding gameplay object slots: I figured that I will need a place where I can put any… Continue Reading →

About the game

An Aliens-like 80s SciFi TopDownShooter 4 Player Couch/Online/Mixed Co-op Title: Biosignature – escape from ice moon Theme: 80s Retro-SciFi, I’m looking for something that looks, feels and sounds like Aliens (J. Cameron). Oh, that film! <3 Gameplay: 3D Top down… Continue Reading →

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