Dev Update 24-Oct-2016

I’m back from a trip to Greece and now it’s time to get things rolling again.

The Minimap:

It sounds so unimportant and tiny, but it is literally a gamechanger!

In a first person perspective game, you can only always see a “slice” of the world, which is the cameras frustrum/the viewcone. However, that slices length is infinite(almost), and you can simply rotate the camera to get the full picture of your surroundings. But when you play a top down perspective game, you face a dilemma: You can just always see as far as where the screen ends. Especially in large rooms this is a problem, since you will always have to roam around in all the room to find out what it contains and where the doors are. This is just as very tedious as it sounds.

The Minimap blows that frustrating task away. You can easily find your way around now: