Dev Update 10-Nov-2016

Unfortunatly the 3D artist who was helping me bring this game to life decided to step back. I can totally understand everyone who is working on such a project and at some point leaves. It is hard work, and you spend your valuable sparetime, not knowing if your project will succeed or fail. Still, meh!

Anyways, luckily I have a good design background myself, so this is at least not a showstopper. However it means much more work on my desk now. Challenge accepted!

So, over the last week I took the chance to take a step back and look at the general direction the project is going. I thought about setting, plot, progression, everything that will set the tone of the game. Not everything is set in stone now, but I know just enough to return to development and I’m already hyped to tell you more in future updates 🙂

So long,