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Culling floors, the hard way.

Dev Update 08-Apr-2017 Well hello again! The past week was probably one of the hardest for me in all the development process. I ran into a problem that occured as a side effect of me wanting to have the levels… Continue Reading →

Area based directional lighting and cyclic level generation

Dev Update 13-Mar-2017 The previous weeks were really busy! I could spend a good amount of time working on the project during the weekends, mainly on getting lighting work the way I want it to be and also on level… Continue Reading →

Video footage and implementing gameplay distribution

Dev Update 27-Feb-2017 So since I’m back on coding again, I started to design and redesign how gameplay is distributed within the generation process as well as live. I also set and reached a milestone last friday, which was having… Continue Reading →

The crew! Plus: Title announced & more 3Dness

Dev Update 08-Feb-2017 Hello! Time runs by fast! In the past few weeks however I did several things: Finally the game has a title! I also finished the player characters (first iteration) and I added camera rotation control for more… Continue Reading →

New playercharacters, also: Rendering!

Dev Update 26-Jan-2017 Hello there! I just finished the third player character! Phew! This is an in-engine, realtime screenshot: Pretty amazing result considering when I think six, seven years ago at the university, we had to wait minutes for rendering… Continue Reading →

It’s alive!

Dev Update 03-Jan-2017 Long time no see! I started working on the player characters. After setting up a solid technical pipeline I did some modeling and rigging and successfully imported the first character into Unity: Cpt. Runar “Rune” Sigmundsson From… Continue Reading →

Switch to semi-linear game flow

Dev Update 22-Nov-2016 While I was poking around the games story I figured that I need to change the games current progression system to fit new requirements. What I had was one lobby/hub level where players could join the game… Continue Reading →

Meaningful decisions

Dev Update 10-Nov-2016 Unfortunatly the 3D artist who was helping me bring this game to life decided to step back. I can totally understand everyone who is working on such a project and at some point leaves. It is hard… Continue Reading →

The Minimap

Dev Update 24-Oct-2016 I’m back from a trip to Greece and now it’s time to get things rolling again. The Minimap: It sounds so unimportant and tiny, but it is literally a gamechanger! In a first person perspective game, you… Continue Reading →

Equipment system, also: Aliens in the air duct

Dev Update 06-Oct-2016 Hello! In the past few weeks I have put a lot of work in existing systems as well as new ones. Overhauling the Equipment System: Before last week, you could carry one weapon and swap/buy new ones… Continue Reading →

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