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Level Generation

Cyclic Level Generation 1.0

Dev Update 30-May-2017 This time it took me a little longer to finish this next milestone – I had some crunchtime at my dayjob, so not much time to spend on working on Biosignature. However, I still somehow managed to… Continue Reading →

Area based directional lighting and cyclic level generation

Dev Update 13-Mar-2017 The previous weeks were really busy! I could spend a good amount of time working on the project during the weekends, mainly on getting lighting work the way I want it to be and also on level… Continue Reading →

Integrating generated levels

Dev Update 12-Sept-2016 Hey hey, time for another update! Last week I put some more effort in the generation process: Added Furniture: What I had was the placement of floors and walls prefabs. Now I added furniture support. Furniture might… Continue Reading →

Progress in procedural level generation

Dev Update 02-Sept-2016 Hi again! This is just a little update, I’m still working on level generation. Good news is I made some serious progress: I could identify four major steps in the generation process: Generate an abstract area tree,… Continue Reading →

Procedural level generation and porting to Unity 5.4

Dev Update 17-Aug-2016 Hello! Just came back from a little vacation in italy 🙂 Now its time for an update: The project keeps going well. I do think a lot about what to focus on next, and to me, highest… Continue Reading →

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