Dev Update 12-Sept-2016

Hey hey, time for another update!
Last week I put some more effort in the generation process:


  • Added Furniture: What I had was the placement of floors and walls prefabs. Now I added furniture support. Furniture might be a) attached on wall prefabs: terminals, shelves, whatever is attached to a wall or b) stand free in the room: Everything from crates to desks or pillars or actual rooms (like cell rooms, server containers etc) is possible.
  • Controlled generation of networked content: I added a mechanism that is seperated from the generation code itself and takes care of spawning network objects on the server. Example: The generator puts a doorframe. The doorframes prefab has a script that will spawn the actual netobject door on the server.
  • Navigation(AI): Since the levels are nonexistent before runtime, Unity navigation falls under the table as long as it does not support generating navmeshes on the fly 😐 So I moved to the free version of the A* Pathfinding Project and use its gridbased navigation system instead. That meant I also had to write a navagent, but actually it wasn’t all that hard to get this figured. Currently the agents don’t have any avoidance, I’m going to add that later. Now, as soon as generation is finished, the pathfinder is set up properly and scans the generated geometry.

And here is me walking around in the generated level 🙂