Dev Update 06-Oct-2016

Hello! In the past few weeks I have put a lot of work in existing systems as well as new ones.

Overhauling the Equipment System:

Before last week, you could carry one weapon and swap/buy new ones from a shop in the lobby. Now actually, that does not quite fit to the story outlines. So I decided that a more “survival” approach would fit better.

Now a character can carry a primary and a secondary weapon, ie a rifle and a pistol. If you find another weapon, you can swap it out. Your previous weapon is dropped and can then also be picked up by another character. Another decision was that the pistol has infinite ammo clips, so for now, this system is a lot like L4D’s:

Weapon Systems

However, chances are that infinite ammo will be removed later in development and I’m gonna add more options to avoid or kill enemies without firepower. I hope this will result in a more thrilling, adrenalin kicking experience.

Aliens in the air duct:

With the procedural generation I do now also always have to make decisions about how to distribute new features within the process. However, it also allows me to introduce mechanics that would be much harder to implement otherwise.

Do you know Duskers? I can really recommend it – if you like typing 😉
Anyways, its about that you board space vessels with drones. Now Duskers presents you a very reduced top down view of the ship from where you can command your drones by typing a set of console commands. Of course there are hostile lifeforms on the ship, and those are usally trapped within a room. You can use motion sensors to check whether there is movement in a room or not, without entering it. Knowing that there is a threat before actual confrontation is really tense.

This is why I implemented a “roaming swarm”. The swarm invisibly moves from room to room. When the swarm is over you, it will break in the room and you are in trouble! You can however a) hear it moving in the air ducts and b) also see its motion on your minimap as soon as you have unlocked motion sensors.

You can now not only prepare for a confrontation but instead, you can also avoid it. One option is the players will be able to hide in lockers or under tables. When the swarm is on your room and everyone is hidden, it will move on. Hopefully everyone found a spot to hide though! The second option is that you seal any vents in your room. That will take some time but once its done, you have created a save room. Sealing vents is of course limited, so choose wisely! 😉