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Meaningful decisions

Dev Update 10-Nov-2016 Unfortunatly the 3D artist who was helping me bring this game to life decided to step back. I can totally understand everyone who is working on such a project and at some point leaves. It is hard… Continue Reading →

The Minimap

Dev Update 24-Oct-2016 I’m back from a trip to Greece and now it’s time to get things rolling again. The Minimap: It sounds so unimportant and tiny, but it is literally a gamechanger! In a first person perspective game, you… Continue Reading →

Equipment system, also: Aliens in the air duct

Dev Update 06-Oct-2016 Hello! In the past few weeks I have put a lot of work in existing systems as well as new ones. Overhauling the Equipment System: Before last week, you could carry one weapon and swap/buy new ones… Continue Reading →

Gameplay elements and level flow

Dev Update 23-Sept-2016 Hi guys! The geometry generation is stable now and I started working on adding actual gameplay to the generation process. Adding gameplay object slots: I figured that I will need a place where I can put any… Continue Reading →

The beauty of the beast

What makes a creature scary? I think at least for one type there might be a formula, and that’s the extra terrestrial, the alien. We never met one, so as of now, we envision our own. Now how do we… Continue Reading →

Integrating generated levels

Dev Update 12-Sept-2016 Hey hey, time for another update! Last week I put some more effort in the generation process: Added Furniture: What I had was the placement of floors and walls prefabs. Now I added furniture support. Furniture might… Continue Reading →

Moving the project repo to a vServer

Project management: Leaving dropbox and moving the project repository to an actual server Yes, I did actually run SVN with my dropbox account before. While this goes well when working on a project alone, as soon as there is more… Continue Reading →

Progress in procedural level generation

Dev Update 02-Sept-2016 Hi again! This is just a little update, I’m still working on level generation. Good news is I made some serious progress: I could identify four major steps in the generation process: Generate an abstract area tree,… Continue Reading →

Procedural level generation and porting to Unity 5.4

Dev Update 17-Aug-2016 Hello! Just came back from a little vacation in italy 🙂 Now its time for an update: The project keeps going well. I do think a lot about what to focus on next, and to me, highest… Continue Reading →

Building the feature base

Dev Update 4-Aug-2016: So I’m working on this game for about 3-4 months now. I am very focused on tech, so I worked a lot on all the technical base to make sure everything is hooked for further development. Implemented… Continue Reading →

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